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How to Stage a Vacant Land for Sale

Is staging a vacant piece of land for sale necessary? The answer is a big Yes. Actually, and in all seriousness, staging principles DO apply to presenting vacant land for sale. The buyer needs to see what you’re selling. In fact, anyone selling a sizable lot should take these points to heart. Here are a few tips for staging your land:

De-Clutter. Your buyer wants to actually see your vacant land, and clutter only blocks their vision. Remove fallen tree branches, trash, and junk like car parts and damaged buildings. Cut back large brush. Clear paths so potential buyers can easily walk around the property.

Highlight the positive features. Do you have a section where birds like to feed? Keep it stocked with bird feeders. Is there a section filled with colorful wildflowers? Don’t cut down this section when you mow. Does a group of trees form a canopy? Place a picnic table under their shade. Point out these positive features to your buyers.

Make minor improvements. Repair any damaged section of fence around your property. Dig a pond and use the dirt to fill low areas so they are level with the rest of your land. Keep the grass mowed. These small efforts can make the difference between whether or not a buyer chooses your property.

Mark property boundaries. When you’re looking at vacant land, it’s difficult to see the difference between 5, 10, or more acres. At the very least, you should place stakes (like those used by a surveyor) to show where the property begins and ends. Your buyers will want to know exactly what they are purchasing.

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